Week: Week commencing 09/12/19

Date: 09/12/19

Main1: Vegetable curry with naan bread. Bourbon biscuits. (2RR)

Main 2: Chilli mince with taco shells and cucumber sticks. Fresh fruit (16NG)


Date: 10/12/19

Main 1: Homemade vegetable soup with a cheese roll (2RR) or pasta with homemade tomato sauce (16NG). Fresh fruit.

Main 2: Christmas lunch with all the trimmings! (Den and Lower 1, Forms 5 and 6)


Date: 11/12/19

Main1: Pasta bolognese with carrot sticks. Fresh fruit. (2RR)

Main 2: Fish and chips with petits pois. Cake. (16NG)

Date: 12/12/19

Main1: The holidays begin. Happy Christmas!

Main 2:


Date: 13/12/19

Main 1:

Main 2: