The Orchard House Challenge is an exciting scheme which takes the school’s ethos into wider aspects of the children’s personal development. Our Upper School pupils can take part in three levels of Challenge, extending their horizons and building their preparation for life.

The Orchard House Challenge consists of eight disciplines and Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards can be achieved by working across a greater number of these disciplines:

  • Our Global Community
  • The Arts
  • Fitness & Health
  • Finance & Budgeting
  • Domestic Science
  • New Skills
  • Outdoor Active

The Bronze Award is earned by completing three of the first seven Challenges, and an Outdoor Active Challenge. Everyone is expected to achieve this award.

The Silver Award is given after a pupil has completed six Challenges plus an Outdoor Active Challenge.

The Gold Award is presented when they have completed all eight Challenges.

This means that every Orchard House pupil can demonstrate breadth of achievement outside the core academic areas, with something really meaningful to talk about when attending senior school interviews. More importantly, they understand why a healthy lifestyle is important, they can think about the world in which we live, and they can take active responsibility for their own personal development.

And, even more than that – the Orchard House Challenge helps the children find their own talents, wherever they lie, and to develop as rounded individuals with breadth, self-confidence, initiative and curiosity.