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FORM 6 Gamelan workshop

Form 6 braved the winter sunshine last Tuesday to visit the Southbank Centre where they took part in a workshop in which they learned about Indonesian music. The children learned about the gamelan, a Javanese percussion orchestra, made up predominantly of percussive instruments (gongs, steel drums, xylophones). The children played some of the instruments which make up the orchestra and the session was greatly enjoyed by everyone.


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FORM 5 The Wallace Collection

On Tuesday the children in Form 5 stepped back into the 18th century to meet Madame de Pompadour, learn about portraits by the Old Masters, and to enjoy a French lesson at the Wallace Collection. The visit gave the children a glimpse into life at King Louis XV’s extravagant court at the Palace of Versailles. The children attended two workshops.

In one they learned about the painters Diego Velázquez and Frans Halls, looking at how children have been painted over the centuries. They tried on replica costumes and posed like the sitters, before working with an artist in front of the portraits to draw their own portraits.

In the second workshop the children enjoyed meeting Madame de Pompadour who shared details about her daily routine at the Palace of Versailles. The children discussed, in French, the fashions, paintings, precious pieces of furniture and the King Louis XV fine porcelain collection. She has taught the boys how the men walked at the French court and the girls were allowed to carry the train of her magnificent dress.

SPORT Recent fixtures news

Well done to all the children who have represented the school in recent hockey, netball and rugby fixtures.

Last Friday the Form 4 boys won all five of their rugby matches to lift the ‘Bill Sharrock Cup’.

On Saturday the U11A girls were runners up in the Newland House netball tournament beating seven teams on the way to the final where they lost in a close match.

MATHS Maths puzzle of the week

Each week we will be posing a maths puzzle of the week for the children in KS1 (Forms 1 and 2) and KS2 (Forms 3, 4, 5 and 6). The answer will be published in the following week’s edition of the Weekly. Click on the images above to see this week’s puzzles.

The answers to last week’s puzzles can be found by clicking these links: KS1 answer and KS2 answer.

Pick up and drop off

Please may we ask parents to respect our neighbours when dropping off and picking up from school. Parents should park considerately, should not block garages or driveways, and are reminded not to leave their car engine idling whilst waiting for the gates to open. Families who walk with their dog to school should endeavour to keep barking to a minimum and please do not leave your dog tied to a lamp post.

Lost property

Please log in to see details of lost property.

Please may we remind parents that all items of uniform should be clearly named to help our lost property monitors to reunite missing items of uniform with their owner.

Recognition this week

Each week in assembly children are recognised for achievements in the classroom and in the areas of music, computing, art and sports. This week the following awards have been made:


Tiago Burk, Arthur Furlonge, Nikolaus Lottmann, Neel Mowdhgalya


Isla Charlton-Meyrick, Edward O’Bryan, Eveie Townson, Annabelle Wong


Vinnie Johnson, Max O’Callaghan, Persephone Southey


Sammy East, James Frantz


Freja Macallan, Alexander Paton


Max Grierson, Martha Wright


Julieta Harte, Kostek Koszalkowski


Candela Gallardo


Matilda Gower


Eleanor Hill


James Loring


Poppy Gibbins, Emily Walch


Isobel Hirschowitz


Oliver Holbrook, Ana Lang, Tosca Ohayon, Poppy White

Tidiest Form Award

6R (1st), 6W (2nd), 3W (3rd)

Musician of the Week

Emily Hirschowitz (3B)

Artist of the Week

Charlotte Jenke (1K), Maya Fraser (4JS)

Computer Whizz of the Week

Not awarded this week

Sports person of the Week

Connie Greville (4DS), Adam Scrase (5H)

Headmistress’s Award (for exceptional achievements)

Oliver Keegan (4JS)


Date Sent



Thursday 1 February

To parents of children in Lower 1 and above

Individual Musicians’ Concert

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office, or to the email address shown on the website: catalina.basualdo@houseschools.com

M V Edwards 2 February 2018