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Book Week

Despite this week being extremely cold and wintery, Book Week activities have been taking place. Children have enjoyed talks from authors Karen Inglis, Lotte Moore and Molly Arbuthnot, hearing about the inspiration for their books and how they write, as well as listening to the authors reading passages from their books.

Yesterday the children paraded in their costumes around the school. The PE shed was transformed into a ‘water world’ themed Book Tent to which the children could take their books and read. A book swap took place giving everyone a chance to find a new book and discover a new author and there was a competition where children submitted a picture of themselves and their friends reading in interesting or unusual places.


Other top stories…

Book Week…continued

Each afternoon parent library volunteers have manned the Travelling Book Fair which has opened in the playground at Newton Grove.

Huge thanks to the parents who have helped with Book Week activities: Mrs Keegan, Mrs Cuthbert, Mrs Howard-Wuerz, Ms Koch, Mrs Mackrill, Mrs Walch, Mrs Mayhew, Mrs McDonnell, Ms Sweeney, Mrs von Arnim, Ms McKeating, Mrs Eakins, Mrs Bryn and everyone else who has donated their time to help with activities.


The ‘Beast from the East’ arrived with a vengeance on Tuesday but the school has stayed open and the children have enjoyed playing in the snow. The Lower 1 children had fun building a snowman.

SPORT Fun in the snow!

Despite the snow the PE teachers ventured outside in games lessons for games of rugby, netball, capture the flag and dodgeball.

LOWER 1 Visit from PC Sally and PC Martin

On Tuesday the children in Lower 1 were visited by two policemen, PC Martin and PC Sally, who spoke to the children about safety and how to stay safe. The children learned about stranger danger, what to do when crossing the road, who to call if there was an accident, and who the children should go to if they were lost. They also talked about which uniform policemen wear and how to identify someone who is in uniform.

Science Week – BSA and House ‘Design a Poster’ competition

British Science Week 2018 takes place during the week of Monday 12 March and a range of activities and talks have been arranged for the children.

Each year the British Science Association (BSA) runs a poster competition which every child can enter. This competition will be incorporated into a house science poster competition and all children are encouraged to design a poster to help their house win the competition. For those who would like to get creative and design a poster, the theme for 2018 is ‘exploration and discovery’.

For the house poster competition each entry will win two house points. Three finalists will be selected from each year group who will each receive an additional 5 house points, and the first, second and third entries for each age category will receive an additional 50, 30 or 15 house points each.

Entries must be 2D and submitted on one side of A4 or A3 paper only.

Work must be original and created by the pupil(s) – please do not use any templates.

Posters must include the following information on the back of the poster:

1. entrant name (all names if a team) and entrant age (all ages if a team)

2. age category (of the oldest team member)

3. class (e.g. 2G)

4. name of school (Orchard House School)

5. name of house (Hogarth, de Morgan, Shaw, Godwin)

From the entries submitted for the house competition, FIVE entries will be selected to be submitted into the BSA Science Week Poster Competition as per their rules. For BSA entries there are three categories: EYFS (Nursery/Reception), Infant (Forms 1, 2 and 3), Junior (Forms 4, 5 and 6). More information can be found here: EYFS entries or KS1/KS2 entries or British Science Week website.

MATHS Maths puzzle of the week

Each week we will be posing a maths puzzle of the week for the children in KS1 (Forms 1 and 2) and KS2 (Forms 3, 4, 5 and 6). The answer will be published in the following week’s edition of the Weekly. Click on the images above to see this week’s puzzles.

The answers to last week’s puzzles can be found by clicking these links: KS1 answer and KS2 answer.

Recognition this week

Each week in assembly children are recognised for achievements in the classroom and in the areas of music, computing, art and sports. This week the following awards have been made:


All in L1B


Edward O’Bryan and all in L1R


Laya Hofman, Leon Kossoras, Max Pilbrow


Isla Booth, Chase Kiernan


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week

Tidiest Form Award

Not awarded this week

Musician of the Week

Not awarded this week

Artist of the Week

Not awarded this week

Computer Whizz of the Week

Not awarded this week

Sports person of the Week

Not awarded this week


Date Sent



Tuesday 27 February

To the parents of children in Form 3

Form 3 production club

Tuesday 27 February

To the parents of children in the Den and Lower 1

Trip to Hounslow Urban Farm CANCELLED

Tuesday 27 February

To parents of children in Form 4


Wednesday 28 February

To the parents of children in Form 6


Wednesday 28 February

To the parents of children in Form 6

Trip to the Imperial War Museum

Wednesday 28 February

To all parents

Mr Alcaraz-Gomez paternity leave

Wednesday 28 February

To parents of children in Form 2

Trip to Windsor Castle

Thursday 1 March

To parents of children in Form 3

Trip to Cadogan Hall

Thursday 1 March

To all parents

Pinboard – a reminder

Thursday 1 March

To parents of certain children

Elstree U7 football festival

Thursday 1 March

To parents of children in Forms 3, 4, 5 and 6

Leaflet on sexting

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M V Edwards 2 March 2018