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FORMS 1 AND 2 Shine Star, Shine and Advent Celebration

On Wednesday the upper school children, parents and family members enjoyed a lovely celebration of Advent and Christmas carols, songs, poems and readings performed by the children in Form 2. On Thursday and Friday parents, grandparents and family friends have enjoyed performances of ‘Shine Star, Shine’ by the children in Form 1.

For those who were unable to attend the Advent Celebration a recording of the performance can be viewed online. Please login to the secure area of the website to view the recordong.

Details of the recording of the Form 1 nativity will be shared next week.

Lower Schools Captains

Congratulations to the two Form 2 children who will hold the posts of Lower School Captains for the spring term.


Other top stories…

Life in the Den and Lower 1

The children in the Den and Lower 1 have been busy decorating their classrooms in preparation for Christmas. Using oil pastels the children have been drawing and painting Christmas pictures.

CLUBS Arts and crafts club

The children in Mrs Remuinan’s art and craft club have been making decorations in recent weeks. During Monday’s club they decorated the Christmas tree at Rupert Road.

SPORT The Varsity Match at Twickenham

Yesterday Mr Churchill and Mr Pear took a group of upper school children to watch the annual Varsity rugby match at Twickenham. It was an exciting match with tries scored by both sides. There were divided loyalties amongst the children (and staff), with those supporting the University of Cambridge delighted with the result!

Christmas lunches

This week the children in Form 1, 2, 3 and 4 have enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch of roast turkey with all the trimmings! The Den and Lower 1 and Forms 5 and 6 will enjoy Christmas lunch next week.

FORm 6 Examination preparation

In preparation for their examinations next term, the children in Form 6 this morning attended a ‘mock’ examination at Bassett House School. The children experienced what it will be like to sit an exam in an unfamiliar setting under exam conditions.

Orchard’s Got Talent!

The annual upper school talent show took place in assembly today and Orchard has certainly got talent! Well done to the winners of the three categories: Drama (poetry), Music and Dance.

Congratulations to the Active Dragons band, the overall winners, who performed in the music category.

Clubs, squads and choirs next week

Early morning squads and after school clubs will not take place next week. Senior choir and chamber choir will take place next week.

Parent teacher choir will take place on Monday in the Raphael room.

Parents of children in Pippin Choir are invited to watch an open session next Tuesday, 12 December at the Raphael Room, starting at 8.10am and finishing at 8.35pm.

Junior choir, advanced music club, and orchestra will not take place next week.

Recognition this week

There was no recognition this week idue to Orchard’s Got Talent.


Date Sent



Wednesday 6 December

To parents of certain children

Carol singing at St Mary’s Convent

Friday 8 December

To parents of children in the Den

Den afternoon attendance – Spring term 2018

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M V Edwards 8 December 2017