Offer Acceptance Form

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1st Parent*
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accept your offer of a place at Orchard House School for our child,
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to start in the term and year group stated in the Formal Offer Letter shared with us by the school admissions department.
We acknowledge receipt of and accept your standard conditions as provided to us within the document titled “Parent Contract – Standard Conditions”.
Upon completing this form and submitting the online payment, we have paid the long term deposit of £3,000. We have duly noted that if at any time we decide for any reason not to send our child to the school we shall have no right to the return of the monies that will have been paid to the school for the deposit.
We will make a secondary payment for the first term of fees direct to the school’s bank account on or before our child's first day at the school. The amount will be equivalent to one term's fees at the current rate at the time of entry, or pro-rated if our child is joining the school mid-way through a term.
(Please note that the signatures of BOTH parents are required.)
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