GENEral INfOrmaTION: STaff – 2018/19

Teachers and staff

All form teachers are suitably qualified for the age ranges with which they work. Specialist teachers are employed for science, music, French, physical education, art/DT, eurhythmics, dance and ICT/computing. Additional trained staff help with the teaching of reading and any other specific needs.

Staff are trained to identify any emerging special needs and to advise parents on appropriate remedial action, should this be deemed helpful.


Headmistress and Deputy Head

Maria Edwards


Mrs Maria Edwards

BEd(Bedford) CertEd(Man) Mont. Dip.

Ed Ball

Deputy Head

Mr Ed Ball

BSc(Hons)(Surrey) PGCE

School Office

Diana Goodeve-Docker


Mrs Diana Goodeve-Docker

Emma Down

School Secretary

Miss Emma Down


Pippa Woodroffe

School Secretary

Mrs Pippa Woodroffe

Form Teachers

Rosamund Brown

The Den
(also Head of EYFS)

Miss Rosamund Brown

BA(Hons)(Hull) PGCE

Georgina Rivera

Lower 1GR

Mrs Georgina Rivera

BSc(Nottingham) PGCE

Mercedes Remuiñan

Lower 1MR
(also SEN)

Mrs Mercedes Remuiñan

BA(Lond Met) EYPS Mont Dip ADCE

Caroline Duncan

Form 1D

Miss Caroline Duncan

BA(Hons)(Oxford Brookes) PGCE

Charlotte Greenaway

Form 1G
(also Head of KS1)

Mrs Charlotte Greenaway

BA(Hons)(Southampton) PGCE

Holly Browne

Form 2B

Miss Holly Browne

BA(Hons)(Leeds) PGCE

Lisa Zackey

Form 2Z

Ms Lisa Zackey

BA(Hons)(Roehampton) Mont Dip PGCE

Adam White

Form 3W

Mr Adam White

BA(Hons) MA (Reading) PGCE

Jack Buckland

Form 3B

Mr Jack Buckland


Leila Ghaddab

Form 4G

Miss Leila Ghaddab

BA,BEd (Australian Catholic) MaST

Daniel Scortini

Form 4DS

Mr Daniel Scortini

BA(Hons)(Verona) CELTA PGCE

Shane Burns

Form 5B

Mr Shane Burns

BA(Hons)(Brighton) PGCE

Aliona Tariq

Form 5T

Mrs Aliona Tariq

BEd (College of Pedagogy Chishinau) PGCE

Ralph Rolls

Form 6R

Mr Ralph Rolls


Charlotte Webb

Form 6W
(also Director of Studies)

Miss Charlotte Webb

BA(Hons)(Lond) PGCE Dip Psych


Matthew Blyth

KS2 teacher

Mr Matthew Blyth

BSc(Hons)(Exon) PGCE

Robin Churchill

KS2 teacher

Mr Robin Churchill

BA(Hons)(Reading) PGCE

Libby Gall

KS2 teacher

Ms Libby Gall

BEd(Hons)(Hong Kong)

Tiffany Hyatt

KS2 teacher
(also Head of KS2)
(Mat leave)

Mrs Tiffany Hyatt


Janine Shearer

KS2 teacher

Miss Janine Shearer

BA(Wellington) Dip Ed

Specialist Teachers

Jose Alcaraz-Gomez


Mr Jose Alcaraz-Gomez

MSc(Hons)(Madrid) CertEd(Madrid)

Tom Earl


Mr Tom Earl

BA(Hons)(Brighton) PGCE

Joanne Noble

Drama and English

Ms Joanne Noble

BA(Hons)(Greenwich) PGCE

Sally Hess

English and librarian

Miss Sally Hess

BA(Hons)(Monash) MTeach(Melbourne)

Carole Rodriguez


Mrs Carole Rodriguez

BA(Hons)(Val de Marne, Paris) MSc(Westminster) PCGE

Cara Curran


Miss Cara Curran

MMus(Hons)(York) PGCE

Mary O’Connor


Mrs Mary O’Connor

BA(Hons)(Dartington) Dalcroze Cert.

Stacey Glynn

Sport and PE

Mrs Stacey Glynn


Dan Pear

Sport and PE

Mr Dan Pear

BA(Ed)(Hons)(Leeds Met)

Stephanie Furneaux

Sport and PE

Miss Stephanie Furneaux

BSc(Hons)(Exon) PGCE

Support Teachers

Janire Arrospide

Classroom support

Miss Janire Arrospide

Mont Dip

Maria Corona

Classroom support

Miss Maria Corona

CertEd(La Coruna)

Kathryn Keeble

Classroom support

Miss Kathryn Keeble

BA(Oxford Brookes)

Almas Khosa

Classroom support

Mrs Almas Khosa

BEd(Hons)(Lond) Mont Dip

Marija Majic

Classroom support

Mrs Marija Majic

BA(Kingston) Mont Dip

Barbara Mularz

Classroom support

Mrs Barbara Mularz

Mont Dip

Anna Najjar

Classroom support

Mrs Anna Najjar

Mont Dip

Brynne Ndoca

Classroom support

Miss Brynne Ndoca

Lauren O’Driscoll

Classroom support

Miss Lauren O’Driscoll

Shevvanice Ruddock-Brown

Classroom support

Miss Shevvanice Ruddock-Brown

Mont Dip

Liliya Taneva

Classroom support

Mrs Liliya Taneva

Mont Dip

Emma Thomas

Classroom support

Mrs Emma Thomas

BA(Hons)(Wimbledon Art) Mont Dip

Daniela Corona Pampin

Montessori student teacher

Miss Daniela Corona Pampin

Magda Coles

Gap year teaching assistant

Miss Magda Coles

Natalie Kaza

Gap year teaching assistant

Miss Natalie Kaza

George Naylor

Gap year teaching assistant

Mr George Naylor

Anoush Terteryan

Gap year teaching assistant

Miss Anoush Terteryan


Special needs teachers

Sarah Chung


Mrs Sarah Chung

BEd(Hons)(Lond) Mont Dip NNEB Dip Spld

Diana Latham


Miss Diana Latham

BA(Hons)(Durham) PGCE ATS(BDA)

Marianne Brown

Speech and Language
(Maternity leave)

Ms Marianne Brown


Toni Hargan

Speech and Language

Miss Toni Hargan


Sophie Lagesse

Special Needs / EAL

Miss Sophie Lagesse

BA(Hons)(Oxford Brookes) Mont Dip TEFL

Javier Orti

Life coach

Mr Javier Orti

NLP Master Practitioner

Julia Terteryan

Occupational Therapist

Mrs Julia Terteryan

Dip(College of Occupational Therapy) MSc(East London)

Music teachers

Rachel Ambrose Evans


Miss Rachel Ambrose Evans


Kate Ashby


Miss Kate Ashby


Adam Behrens


Mr Adam Behrens

Dip(Humber College, Ontario)

Helen Bennett

Clarinet / saxophone

Miss Helen Bennett


Kimberley Boyle


Miss Kimberley Boyle

BMus(Hons)(RCM) PGDip(RCM)

Richard Deacon


Mr Richard Deacon


Martha Hardman


Miss Martha Hardman


Mackenzie Richards


Miss Mackenzie Richards

BMus(Hons)(RAM) Dip(RAM)

Madalina Rusu


Miss Madalina Rusu


Cara Warren

Violoncello / Piano

Mrs Cara Warren

BMus(Hons)(Willamette) Licentiate in Mus Ed TCM


Jane Hale


Mrs Jane Hale

BA Hons (Lancaster) FCA ACII

Sarah Danby

Assistant Bursar

Mrs Sarah Danby

BA Hons (Oxford)

Ursula Happawana

Assistant Bursar

Mrs Ursula Happawana


Elisabeth Margolis

Assistant Bursar

Mrs Elisabeth Margolis

Pauline Thorpe

Assistant Bursar

Mrs Pauline Thorpe

BA Hons (Birmingham)

Kevin Chung

IT & Technical Services Manager

Mr Kevin Chung

BSc Hons (Herts)

Andrew Nish

IT & Technical Services Specialist

Mr Andrew Nish

BSc Hons (Luton)

Sangam Rai

IT & Technical Services Specialist

Mr Sangam Rai

BSc Hons (Luton)

Steve Cseh


Mr Steve Cseh

Craig Truswell


Mr Craig Truswell