The school has celebrated the cultures of the countries of The Commonwealth, in memory of Queen Elizabeth II. Children came to school dressed in the colours of the costumes and flags of The Commonwealth countries and beyond, from Australia and India to Canada and Kenya, India and Brazil. A family of Pearly Kings and Queens arrived, along with a giraffe from Kenya, Australians with their cork hats, lots of Scottish tartans and a whole range of national costumes, and children draped in flags from around the world.

Children took place in a wide range of activities, including making Anzac biscuits, Maori necklaces, Jamaican art and Fijian baskets. They enjoyed a reggae workshop and learned about Canadian polar bears. Children took part in a virtual reality workshop led by Prime VR, in which they put on headsets to learn about and visit forests around the world. For lunch the menu included Caribbean chicken with Jamaican rice, and Greek style ratatouille, followed by Lamington cake. Thank you to the parents who came and read stories and taught the children about their home countries, foods and cultures.