Healthy Eating

Lunches are ‘home cooked’ by our kitchen staff on the premises and are both nutritious and appetising.

The teachers supervise lunch and the children are encouraged to be sociable, well-mannered and considerate of each other.

Menus for the week ahead are published on our parent portal, so you can see what your children will be eating that week.

Each child is also asked to bring their favourite piece of fruit or a vegetable-based snack to eat at break time, alongside milk or water provided by the school.

Drinking fountains are always available to children in the school playgrounds so they keep hydrated throughout the day.

The allergens for each day’s menu are clearly displayed on screens around the school to make sure mealtimes are safe as well as delicious and balanced.

Parents are asked to notify the school on the medical form if their child has any specific food allergies or any other dietary requirements.

Due to the number of children with severe nut allergies, there is a strict ‘no nuts’ policy in operation in the school.