Outings, day and residential, and ‘Innings’

Variety is the spice of life, and we make sure our children have access to exciting and enriching opportunities outside the school gates to enhance their development, both intellectually and personally.

Throughout the year the children are taken to various exhibitions, events or places of interest. These visits will usually be connected with a topic that is being studied as part of the class’s work for the term. Children are likely to visit a diverse range of places from farms to galleries, to the Science Museum and Houses of Parliament. Residential trips take place from Form 3 when the children visit Flatford Mill in Suffolk.

In Form 4 they travel to York, in Form 5 to the Isle of Wight, and in Form 6 the highlight of the year is the residential trip to the Chateau de la Baudonnière in France. Apart from the annual residential trips in the upper school there are normally no extra charges levied for outings.

On other occasions experts are brought into the school to talk to the children. These are called ‘innings’. Examples of ‘innings’ are a workshop about Florence Nightingale, a drama activity about Katie Morag and an island home, a maths magician and storytelling workshops. Parents who are celebrating events such as Thanksgiving or Diwali are sometimes invited into their child’s form to share traditions with the whole group.

An International Day is held when all the cultures represented in the school are celebrated. Parents will be informed in advance by e-circular when these outings are going to take place.