Learning Support

Learning Support

The aim of Orchard House is that each child, regardless of ability, should fulfil his/her potential.

Our programme of screening tests and regular assessments along with the observations of the teaching staff allow us to highlight pupils with any areas of concern. If your child appears to have any learning difficulties the class teacher will contact you.

The school has three SENCO teachers who have specialist training in teaching children with learning difficulties. They are responsible for the assessment of those children for whom there are concerns and for the organisation of learning support throughout the school.

If your child needs additional support this may be offered in a group setting or may be 1:1 tuition. In conjunction with the SENCO, an individual learning plan will be developed and it will be regularly reviewed. There is an additional charge for any individual tuition that may be required.


Children in Forms 5 and 6 are required to have their own iPad, which is brought in to school and taken home each day. As these devices are personal to the child, and can also be used in secondary school, they are provided by the parent.

iPads are used in school for educational purposes only. Teachers decide how and when iPads are to be used in class as a means of complementing and enriching the educational experience of each child.

Each child follows a strict set of guidelines for how his/her iPad is to be used and looked after whilst in and around the school grounds; this ensures that the device is used in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Prior to the children moving into Year 5, a circular with details of which device will be required will be circulated to parents.