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Easter Bonnet Parade and virtual Easter Assembly
A group of children sat outside, wearing their school uniforms and a hat, either a pink, blue or yellow one.

Although we have been unable to hold our usual Easter Assembly in the church, the children at Rupert Road have still enjoyed making Easter bonnets which they paraded in the playground. Please click the links below to watch the parades:


Lower 1J

Lower 1R

Form 1F

Form 1G

Form 2A

Form 2Y

Please click this link to watch our whole school virtual Easter Assembly

Form 3 science Shedding some light on the matter

The children in Form 3 have had fun experimenting with light in their science lessons.

Science captains Science scavenger hunt
Two children looking at a picture on a wooden fence.Some girls outside stood by a shed, pointing at a piece of paper that one of them is holding.A child in a suit and one with green hair, reading a sign in a window.

This week children at Newton Grove took part in a science quiz organised by our science captains, Alina and Emily, with help from Isabel who drew the map. In teams of 3, the children had to use their map reading skills to find questions for their year group which had been placed in strategic places around the school. Once located they had to answer the questions which were on various topics, ranging from animal classification to the solar system to computer science.

World Book Day Happiness rules at Orchard House!
A classroom of children with their two teachers, wearing different fancy dress posing for a photo inside.Children out in a playground posing for a photograph while all wearing different fancy dress costumes.Children and teachers gathered outsid eon a sunny day posing for a photograph, all wearing different fancy dress costumes.A class of children in a group photograph outside, all wearing different fancy dress costumes.A classroom full of children sitting at wooden desks.A poster in a classroom imploring children to grab a book.A teacher dressed up as Picasso shhowing a picture to a classroom.A teacher wearing a face mask and a striped top and holding a plush toy.A classroom full of children all wearing fancy dress.Four kids dressed as in different costumes, one as a ghost, one as a policeman, one as a scientist, and one as a polar bear.One child dressed as a ghost, one as a princess and one as SupergirlFour children in fancy dress playing outside.Children sat behidn their desks in a class room, all wearing different fancy dress costumes.Children in blue uniforms sat at their desks in a classroom.Two children dressed as Where's Wally reading a book outside.Two young girls dressed as princesses and reading a book outside.Children stood around a table outside, selecting a book from said table.School children sat outside in the playground on a sunny day, sat in a circle reading books.A boy in a pirate costume holding a book and a pair of green plastic binocularsFour children sat outside all wearing different fancy dress costumes.A school girl in a princess dress holding hands with a school boy dressed up as Harry PotterThree children outside stood around a table covered with children's books.A teacher reading a storybook to a classroom full of children.Four children holding up pictures they have drawn on a small white piece of paper.A mum dropping off her child at school, who is dressed as a crocodile.A teacher dressed up as a French mime wearing a face mask and a pair of glasses.A child holding up a drawing of fairies.

Yesterday we rather belatedly celebrated World Book Day! It was a day worth waiting for as laughter and happiness was spread through the school and books brought a smile to everyone’s faces. Children dressed as their favourite book characters and enjoyed some virtual storytelling, listening to short stories which had been recorded by parents. As usual Drop Everything and Read took place throughout the day with children picking up their books when the signal sounded. And we enjoyed virtual visits from two writers: poet James Carter spoke to the lower school, and author Andy Seed talked about his books with the upper school children. And to top it off, laughter was heard everywhere as jokes and comedy sketches were shared as part of the World Book Day competition.


Today we say a sad goodbye to Mrs Taneva, who is moving to Denmark, and to Miss Bourdillon who leaves us to go on her gap year travels before starting at university in the autumn. All the children and teachers would like to thank them both for all their help, we will miss them!

Upper School prize winners

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Happy Easter!
School chiuldrne playing in a playground and climbing on a plastic play set.A young school girl with glasses and a ponytail playing under a plastic slide.A young school girl with a ponytail in her school uniform playing with Lego bricks.

The children have had a fun morning hunting for Easter eggs in the playground. Some of them were not easy to find!

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Tuesday 20 April. Children should return wearing either winter or summer uniform but not a mixture of both.

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M V Edwards 31 March 2021