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International Day

Kangaroos, koalas, traditional Maori costumes, and rugby players have been amongst the wonderful costumes which have been on display today for International Day during which the children have celebrated the cultures of Australia and New Zealand. The children have taken part in digeridoo playing workshops and learned how to play this traditional Australian wind instrument. Mr Burns organised a ‘house’ general knowledge competition.

The children in Form 6 were treated to a wonderful talk on Australia by Ms Andrews. She talked about her family and how they arrived in Australia, as well as showing artefacts of Aboriginal heritage. It was hugely informative and enjoyed by all the children.


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International day continued…

In art lessons with Mr Alcaraz-Gomez the children have painted Aboriginal and Maori inspired pieces. In French lessons the children listened to the story of ‘Yapa le petit arborigène d’Australie’, and then wrote their own story and drew aboriginal paintings.

Michaelmas concert

On Wednesday parents and grandparents were treated to wonderful performances celebrating the cultures of Australia and New Zealand. The Pippin, junior, senior and parent teacher choirs sang traditional Maori songs whilst the chamber choir and Rockin’ recorders group performed Australian pieces. The Aboriginal ‘Dreamtime’ story of creation was narrated by the children in Form 3 whilst the children in Form 4 entertained with a wonderful adaptation of ‘Haka’, the traditional Maori war dance. Form 5 read a passage from Rabbit Proof Fence and Form 6 told the Maori story of ‘How Maui slowed the sun’.

LOWER 1 Learning about the five senses

The children in Lower 1 have been learning about the five senses and this week they have been learning about the sense of taste. The children tried different foods and identified whether they were sweet, salty, sour or bitter.

They have also learned about sight and the children were visited by the nana of one of the children who brought one of her guide dog puppies to school. She spoke to the children about the purpose of guide dogs and how they help people.

Den fundraiser

Congratulations to the winner of the Den fundraiser to guess the number of conkers in the box. There were 1,070 conkers in the box.

SCHOOL CHARITY Lausanne marathon in aid of BLUE

During half term the Boyle family will be taking part in the Lausanne marathon, running in memory of their cousin.

The Boyle family will be running in aid of the new school charity, Blue Marine Foundatino, and will be donating all sponsorship to BLUE. If you would like to sponsor them please go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/boylefamily22ndoctober. Good luck!

Love in a Box

As usual the school will be taking part in the Love in a Box scheme to send shoe boxes with Christmas gifts to boys and girls in Eastern Europe. A leaflet giving further details will be sent home after half term but please start thinking about finding a shoe box to fill. The collection will take place on Friday 17 November. For more information please visit the Mustard Seed website www.msrm.org.uk.

Individual and sibling photograghs

Individual and sibling photographs will be taken on Tuesday 31 October. Information about how to order copies of the photographs will be sent to parents when received by the office.


After half-term, children must be in winter uniform, and have their rain jacket in school at all times. Children in Form 2 and below should wear a cap or beret to and from school. Please do use the half-term break as a chance to check all items of clothing are clearly named and return any items which do not belong to your child. A large number of items are being found which are not named which makes it very difficult to reunite mislaid items with their owners.

Half term

The school will be closed for two weeks. I wish all the children, parents and staff a happy half-term break and look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 30 October.

Recognition this week

Each week in assembly children are recognised for achievements in the classroom and in the areas of music, computing, art and sports. This week the following awards have been made:


All in L1B


All in L1R


All in 1G


Lizzie Hanley-Mitchell, Ella Harper


Coco Gower, Seungmin Lim


Giorgio Robbiati, Rosa Lamont


Max Dormandy, Kostek Koszalkowski


Harry Howard


Connie Greville


Isabella McGillveray, Matilda Thompson


Eve Blenkinsop


Harjeevan Bains, Poppy Gibbins


Rose Petter


Isaac Macallan

Tidiest Form Award

5H (1st), 1K (2nd), 4JS (3rd)

Musician of the Week

Jonah Garistina (3B)

Artist of the Week

Max Grierson (2Z), Elliot Thaysen (3W)

Computer Whizz of the Week

Daniel Combi (4JS), Daniel Jansen (5C), Heath Ward (6R)

Sports person of the Week

Eleanor Ewart (3W), Arthur Morton Jack (2G)


Date Sent



Wednesday 11 October

To parents of children in Lower 1

Change of day for show and tell

Thursday 12 October

To the parents of children in Form 6


Thursday 12 October

To the parents of children in Form 1

Accelerated reader quizzes

Friday 13 October

To all parents

Parent teacher meetings

Friday 13 October

To the parents of certain children

Holy Cross netball tournament, Saturday 4 November

Friday 13 October

To the parents of children in Forms 4 and 5

Change to the entrance process for girls applying to consortium schools from autumn 2019

Friday 13 October

To all parents

Term dates to the end of summer 2019

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office, or to the email address shown on the website: catalina.basualdo@houseschools.com

M V Edwards 13 October 2017