Orchard Weekly
FORM 1 Visit to the Vihara

The children in Form 1 are learning about the different religions of the world and this week visited the London Buddhist Vihara to learn about Buddhism. One of the monks gave the children a tour of the building and told them the story of the Buddha, and they visited the Shrine room where they practised meditation. The children enjoyed their visit and asked many thoughtful and interesting questions.


Other top stories…

FORM 6 Bletchley Park

On Tuesday the children in Form 6 visited Bletchley Park, home during WWII to Britain’s top secret code breaking department. They were given a tour of the grounds, visited the huts where Alan Turing and his team broke the Enigma code, and learned about the work done, in almost complete secrecy, by nearly 9,000 people who worked to crack the enemy codes. The children were excited to take part in a Codes and Ciphers workshop in which they used different coding methods to crack five coded messages, and then to use an Enigma machine to code a message to be sent.

FORMS 3, 4, 5 & 6 Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the children in Form 3 and above have been introduced to two charities working to increase our understanding and lend a helping hand to those in need.

During Monday morning’s upper school assembly Adam Clarke, an athlete representing Team GB as a middle distance runner, gave a moving talk about ‘My Life Films,’ a charity working with dementia sufferers which aims to help them reconnect with their past through a personalised video of their photographs and recorded events of their lives. This simple but remarkably effective innovation helps the families, carers and the sufferers themselves to ease the burden of this cruel disease.

On Tuesday, the children were treated to a delicious Indian lunch and invited to have a ‘Curry & a Chaat’, supported by the Mental Health Foundation. After watching a short video about the causes of stress, and over a delicious meal prepared by Mrs Paton and the kitchen staff, the children were invited to discuss how they can positively manage their mental state.

Summer concert

On Wednesday parents and grandparents were treated to a lovely evening of music showcasing the many talents of the children at Orchard House. There were wonderful performances on the violin and singing, and by the members of recorder club and ‘Active Dragons’ (the school band). The Pippin, junior, senior, chamber and parent teacher choirs sang and the orchestra played beautifully.

FORM 6 Debate

On Wednesday Form 6 took part in the final debate of the series against Garden House and Glendower Schools. To prepare for the debate, the children undertook research on the Amazonian rainforest and how the land use impacts on the different groups of people in the area. After a picnic lunch, the children split into teams and took on the role of one of four groups: Brazilian politicians, tribal members, meat processing factory workers and tourism operators. After some discussion, each group researched statistics and created a list of points to argue. The teams then presented and questioned each other producing a lively debate. The overall winner was the indigenous Amazonian tribe who wanted the land to be protected.

CHESS UK Schools Chess Challenge

Congratulations to the member of chess club who last weekend took part in the final rounds of qualification in the U7 category and has qualified for the Gigafinals of the UK Schools Chess Challenge. The competition first took place in 1996 and has grown into the largest children’s chess tournament in the world with more than 40,000 participants of all standards from beginners to national champions.

FORM 4 Darwin Rocks!

Next week the children in Form 4 are performing their class production, “Darwin Rocks!”, an unforgettable, lighthearted look at the work of Charles Darwin. This week they enjoyed a visit from Mr David Hooker whose great grandfather was Joseph Dalton Hooker, a botanist and explorer and a friend of Charles Darwin. Mr Hooker shared stories, photos and artefacts and talked about the life and work of his great grandfather, and his interest in Darwin’s theory of evolution. The children gave him a sneak preview of next week’s production by performing a song and dance from the show.

Walk to School week

Next week the school will be taking part in Walk to School week, when parents and children are encouraged to walk, bike, scoot or walk and stride (i.e. park further from school and walk the final bit), rather than drive to school. There will be themed assemblies on Monday & Wednesday. Futher information on the national campaign can be found at www.livingstreets.org.uk.

Lost property

Please log in to see details of items of lost property. Please check your child’s uniform and return any items which do not belong to your child.

OHSPA Make A Splash: Summer Fair art competition

All OHS pupils are encouraged to enter the OHS Make A Splash: Summer Fair art competition.

Art kits will be on sale for £2.00 each at the school gates at drop off only on Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23 & Thursday 24 May.

The kits include a blue A4 card and some arts and crafts extras, such as shells, googly eyes, stickers and more sea themed items. Children can simply draw and colour in a fish or sea-scape of their choice and leave the card in A4 format. Alternatively, children can cut out the shape of the fish or sea-scape then decorate as desired. The art work can be 2D or more sculptural if children want a more 3D piece and feel free to add whatever you may like to the art work.

We aim to hang as many of the pieces as possible to create an OHS aquarium so please put a hole in the top to enable us to hang the artwork.

Please include your child’s name and class on the label provided and, if possible, write the child’s name and class on the art work.

Finished art work should be brought to your child’s classroom during the week commencing Monday 11 June and put in the box provided to hold the art work.

There will also be a collection box in the school office at Newton Grove on Monday 18 June for any final entries. One winner will be selected per year group. All submissions will be proudly on display at the Summer Fair (Year 3 classrooms).

We will do our best to return submissions to pupils after the Fair. If you have any questions please email Mrs Siobhan Sweeney.

Thank you

The Summer Fair Committee

OHSPA Summer Fair Plant Stall

We would love your donations of terracotta pots, galvanised metal planters and crockery and wooden wine boxes for the plant stall as soon as possible. Please either provide to Form 6 parents OR leave any contributions by the bike racks at Rupert Road or Newton Grove.

Recognition this week

Each week in assembly children are recognised for achievements in the classroom and in the areas of music, computing, art and sports. This week the following awards have been made:


Renee Bateh, Darcy Doherty, Rufus Gilman, Johnny Morrison


Leonie Kakoty, Amelia Lake, Edward O’Bryan, Andrey Stern, Zachary Trimble, Josie Wright, Arlo Trotter


Lara Fletcher, Leon Kossoras, Persephone Southey


Isla Booth, Ella Harper


Isabella Dawson, Seungmin Lim


Max Gierson, Rosa Lamont, Freddy von Arnim


Alana Bryn, Jonah Garistina


Eleanor Ewart


Annabella Law


Isis Thurnham


Vrishin Prasad


Seojin Lim, Luce Sambor


Alix Durandet


Ellie Colbourne, Tosca Ohayon

Tidiest Form Award

2G (1st), 1K (2nd), 5K (3rd)

Musician of the Week

Everyone who performed in the Summer Concert

Artist of the Week

Persephone Southey (1G), Caterina Vicars (5H)

Computer Whizz of the Week

Lyla Gilman (3W), Elliot Thaysen (3W)

Sports person of the Week

Harry Howard (3W), Caterina Vicars (5H)


Date Sent



Tuesday 15 May

To the parents of certain children

IAPS rounders second regional round

Tuesday 15 May

To the parents of certain children

Sunningdale School cricket festival

Tuesday 15 May

To parents of children in Forms 3 and above

The Petter Music Cup

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M V Edwards 18 May 2018