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LOWER SCHOOL Family and friends afternoon

The school opened its doors to the parents, friends and family of children in the Den, Lower 1 and Forms 1 and 2 on a very hot Wednesday afternoon. The children showed off their work and gave tours of the school. We hope our guests enjoyed their visit. An exhibition of the artwork created by the children in last week’s art morning was on display in the playground.

MATHS Godolphin and Latymer School maths challenge

Congratulations to the children who were the winners of yesterday’s maths challenge. They tackled problem solving activities and mathematical conundrums and Mr White was blown away by their mathematical knowledge and skills!


Other top stories…

FORMS 1 AND 2 Historical investigation afternoon

The children became archaeologists for the afternoon when they took part in an historical investigation workshop. They learned about events such as The Gunpowder Plot and the sinking of The Titanic, and enjoyed digging for old coins and treasure.

FORMS 1 AND 2 RE workshop

The children in Form 1 and 2 took part in a workshop this week in which they learned about four of the different religions of the world. They were taught about the Hindu festival of Holi and learned about Buddhism and how to meditate. Mrs Khosa spoke to the children about the Islamic faith and taught the children some words in Arabic. They learned about Judaism and made candles to place in the menorah, a traditional symbol of Judaism.

FORM 5 Residential trip to the Isle of Wight

The children in Form 5 have enjoyed an action packed week in the Isle of Wight. They have enjoyed rock climbing and abseiling. Other activities included archery, problem solving, and team challenges. They visited Osborne House, home of Queen Victoria, where they learned about the life of the housekeeping staff and servants who worked at Osborne House. They also visited the Needles and the beach at Alum Bay with its multi-coloured sand.

FORM 4 Residential trip to York

Form 4 have been in York this week. The visit started on Tuesday with a workshop at York Minster. The children have learned about the life of a legionary in Roman times, experienced life in the trenches, visited a chocolate factory, tried their hand at an archaeological dig at the Jorvik Centre and enjoyed a riverboat cruise. They also enjoyed celebrating a birthday!

FORM 3 Residential trip to Flatford Mill

Form 3 have enjoyed three days at Flatford Mill Field Studies Centre in Suffolk. They have learned about the artist John Constable who painted in and around East Bergholt, have become animal trackers and enjoyed pond dipping. They also enjoyed celebrating a couple of birthdays!

FRENCH ‘Dear Zoo’ story telling workshop

A gazelle, giraffe, hyena, zebra, lioness, monkey and puppy were some of the animals encountered by the children in the Den, Lower 1, Forms 1 and 2 this morning when they took part in a French story telling workshop. Based on ‘Dear Zoo’, the story of a child who writes a letter to the zoo asking for a pet to be sent to him, and is then visited by a series of different animals who ask for pieces of fruit, the children learned many new words in French. Dressed in the wonderful costumes they will be wearing for next week’s production of The Lion King, the children in Form 6 played the parts of the animals and paraded in front of the children.

FORM 6 The Lion King

The Form 6 production of The Lion King takes place next Wednesday at 7.00pm at The Polish Centre on King Street, Hammersmith. There is plenty of seating and all Orchard House families are welcome to come and watch.

LSSA Finals – official results

Further to last week’s congratulations to our swimmers who competed in last Wednesday’s LSSA Championships Finals 2017 we have now received the official results. Many congratulations again to the children who represented the school. Please log in to view the details.

HST – Team OHS Mont Blanc Challenge and Stepathon

Six fearless parents and three brave teachers from the House Schools Group will be making an ascent of Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest peak, to raise funds for the House Schools Trust this September.

Orchard House School is proud to be represented by OHS parents Mr Kees Wesdorp and Mr Amauri Frantz in their Mont Blanc summit attempt, who very generously bid for their places at the OHS May Ball. Over four days, they will take the Gouter Route to the summit, climbing 4,810m up and another 4,810m back down again!

To show our support for Team OHS, all OHS children will take part in a Stepathon next week to try and cumulatively match the 27,000 steps it will take to reach the summit. The Stepathon will take place in PE lessons next week (and will be a good warm up for Sports Day!).

If you would like to sponsor Team OHS’s Mont Blanc Challenge, please go to: https://mydonate.bt.com/events/teamohs

Any amount large or small will be very welcome. We guarantee that 100% of donations made here will go directly to funding HST scholarships. Plus every £1 donated will be matched by the HSG governors up to a ceiling of £25,000.

To find out more about the House Schools Trust, go to: www.houseschoolstrust.org.

Second hand uniform sale

The next second hand uniform sale will take place next Friday, 7 July at 8.40am in the playground at 16 Newton Grove. Clean uniform and PE kit will be collected at drop off in the playgrounds at 2 Rupert Road and 16 Newton Grove in the week preceeding the sale. Labels for your uniform will be available from the office.

Recognition this week

Each week in assembly children are recognised for achievements in the classroom and in the areas of music, computing, art and sports. This week the following awards have been made:


Oscar Connell, Sophie de Vise-Craig


George Hooker, Leon Kossoras, Gigi Matova


Leila Mouawad, Victor Wesdorp


Rosa Lamont, Grace Loring


Ozan Boyle, Cate O’Bryan


Ellie Ewart, Fiona Sweeney, Elliot Thaysen


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week


No recognition this week

Tidiest Form Award

1G (1st), 1K (2nd), 2G (3rd)

Musician of the Week

Not awarded this week

Artist of the Week

Eashan Back (1G), Tait Mellor (1G)

Computer Whizz of the Week

Jack Nortley (2G)

Sports person of the Week

Not awarded this week


Date Sent



Monday 19 June

To the parents of children in Form 3 and above

Stranger danger

Monday 19 June

To the parents of children in The Den – Form 5

Sogan’s visit

Thursday 22 June

To the parents of children in Lower 1

Eurhythmics open lesson

Friday 23 June

To the parents of children in Form 6

Final arrangements for The Lion King

Friday 23 June

To the parents of children in Form 6

Sexting talk

Friday 23 June

To the parents of children in the Den

Funding subsidies for early years children

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M V Edwards 23 June 2017