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OHSPA Glass Door - request for donations

COVID has greatly impacted the way in which organisations provide services to London’s homeless population. This year’s school charity, Glass Door, has changed its model of providing shelter for large groups within churches to providing private rooms within hostels for people needing shelter and providing 3 meals a day to those staying in the hostels. They are also providing a daily meal service that feeds an additional 120 people within a church and are continuing to provide support services (legal, tenancy, addiction, etc). This change has been costly and they are working hard to increase the number of rooms provided and the number of people that can be fed. They are in desperate need of reusable masks, hand sanitizer and personal hygiene items.

Each year group is being asked to help by donating the following items that will be collected at Rupert Road and Newton Grove on the Wednesday of the last week of term. Each year group has been allocated specific personal hygiene items to donate in order to ensure that a variety of items are collected.

All years Reusable masks – These are very much in need. For those who are crafty and want to make your own or create a fun activity for your children, information on making masks can be found on the Glass Door website
Laundry detergent
Chocolates – additionally, since it is Christmas time, we thought it might be nice to give some Christmas chocolates.
Den Toothpaste & toothbrushes
Lower 1 Toothpaste & toothbrushes
Form 1 Hand sanitiser
Form 2 Hand sanitiser
Form 3 Hand sanitiser
Form 4 Shampoo & conditioner
Form 5 Soap & shower gel
Form 6 Deodorant


Forms 3, 4, 5 & 6 Orchard's Got Talent - final call for entries

There is still time to upload your entry for this year’s Orchard’s Got Talent! Entries close on Sunday evening.

All entries must be submitted as a video and should be no longer than 1 minute and  30 seconds (90 second).  Your video must be uploaded to your google classroom by Sunday evening. 

Each class will vote for the best acts in the year group and the winning acts will go through to the grand final to be held next Friday, 4 December.

We wish you all the best of luck!

News from Form 1

Miss Fennell writes, “In English the children had an exciting time planning their own story where their toy got lost! How awful! They have incorporated elements of Talk for Writing into their plan, where children use a variety of strategies to help with their writing, such as speaking, acting and of course story planning. Watch out next week, where the children will write their own story!

In maths they have been learning about measuring. The class teddy, Mr Bear, needed some new clothes for Christmas. But as shops are closed they had to send measurements to a tailor for a cosy Christmas outfit for Mr Bear. The children came up with the bright idea of using a ruler or a measuring tape to take the correct measurements, as well as measuring using non-uniform measure ideas such as with cubes. They practised measuring different lengths of paper on the table, and Miss Fennell even allowed the children to write the measurements on the table, just like a real, busy tailor!”

In their science lesson, the children in 1G conducted an experiment to measure how far away they could hear different sounds. They dinged a bell, played the gazoo and shook a rattle. What was the loudest noise?

Life in Lower 1

This week the children have celebrated St Andrew’s Day, and learned about Scotland and Nessy, the Loch Ness monster. In PE lessons they worked in pairs to improve their hand eye coordination and teamwork. In maths they revised the concept of ‘one more, one less’ using counting cubes, and in phonics the children enjoyed segmenting, blending and writing words on their magnetic boards. And… they have started to think about Christmas and have made their first decorations!

Life in the Den

The children in the Den have enjoyed a busy and fun week. They have been ordering numbers, cutting and sticking, pretending to be doctors and making Christmas art for their displays.

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M V Edwards 27 November 2020