Orchard Weekly
A message from Form 6

Mr Gomez continues to be very impressed by the creativity of the children and loves seeing your works of art.

OHS January Movement Challenge

There is just one more week to go for Miss Furneaux’s January Movement Challenge. Don’t forget to keep logging your minutes of exercise each day.

News from home

Thank you to everyone who has shared photographs of the great work they are doing at home. It has been wonderful to see how you are all keeping busy working hard at your lessons, reading, having fun and helping out around the house. Here are a selection of your photographs. Please send us a photograph if you would like to share something fun you have done at home.

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Love in a Box

Thank you very much to everybody who last term so kindly donated a beautifully wrapped box for Mustard Seed Relief Mission’s annual Love in a Box appeal. We have received this thank you from the organisers. Mustard Seed Relief Mission helps under-privileged children in Eastern Europe who don’t have a lot of it in their lives.

Attain magazine - Fresh Thinking

Attain magazine is a digital-only publication for parents which offers fresh thinking about independent education.

Last summer Attain launched a new current affairs podcast to help independent school parents – Fresh Thinking. A recent episode called Home Schooling featured Julie Robinson of ISC and two fellow IAPS Heads discussing ways parents can be kind to themselves and support their children during this lockdown. It is available to all parents who may be interested in this advice.

You can listen to this podcast and others at attainparents.com/freshthinking/

All current circulars and messages can be seen in the secure section of the school’s website. Please always report any difficulty in logging in to the secure area to the school office.

M V Edwards 22 January 2021