Orchard Weekly

Many of the children have been making rainbows to display in their windows to cheer up their neighbours.

Form 1 Maths, science and enrichment lessons

The children in Form 1 have been very creative in using materials from their homes and gardens as resources for their lessons. In maths they showed the concept of ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ using objects such as leaves, twigs and cheerios! In science the children had fun making dens to discover what they could see in the dark. In today’s enrichment lesson one of the children made a model of the Wright brother’s plane.

Message from Mrs Edwards

What an amazing week!  I have been learning from a distance – learning just what an amazing community we have here at Orchard House!  I have dipped into Zoom sessions where I have been able to say hello to the children, their parents, and the wonderful Orchard House staff. I have been greeted by happy smiling faces, and I have been shown some fantastic work completed by the children at home. They were all so excited to see one another, and seem to be fully engrossed in this new online way of learning. I have enjoyed watching a video on magnetism, listening to the Chronicles of Narnia, joining in with the number rock, and hearing some lovely online reading books. A particular highlight was watching Madame Rodriguez teaching French to the Lower 1s. She was having such fun dancing and singing in her sitting room, and it was a breath of fresh air in these uncertain times.

I know there have been a few teething problems along the way, but the staff have shown such resilience and determination to make it all work and now we have an impressive learning platform in place. I have asked that staff don’t make the online learning too much fun or else the children will not want to come back to school! However, socialising from afar is also really important and it has filled me with joy seeing the children engaging so enthusiastically with their classmates online.

I was delighted to see that many of the OHS children had been painting rainbows.  Sir Peter Blake has created a special rainbow for the Evening Standard as “a symbol of hope” for Londoners during the coronavirus pandemic. The picture bears the slogan “London Stands Together”, a tribute to the capital’s sense of solidarity at a time when we are kept apart physically.  It has been lovely to see them displayed in the windows around Chiswick.

Finally, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you, the parents.  You have stepped in to guide your children over the past week and have been given a little insight into what it is like to be a teacher.  Many of you have sent messages saying that you don’t know how we do it, but you are all doing such a fantastic job and we are here, as always, although it will be remotely, to help when you need us. 

Thank you also for the wonderful messages of support, they have meant so much to the staff and to me. I have included a link below to the Good Play Guide which you may find helpful in the weeks ahead.  See you on Zoom very soon!

The Good Play Guide

The Good Play Guide’s Home Learning Hub helps parents and families, and anyone involved with children’s development, find fun ways to promote learning. It includes ideas and resources for children aged 0-11 as well as webinars to help parents with home learning.

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M V Edwards 27 March 2020