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News from The Den

This week the children in the Den have had a go at being the teacher! They certainly gave Miss Brown and all the Den teachers a run for their money!

They also enjoyed acting out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and making and eating their own porridge!

Form 2 National Gallery

On Tuesday the children in Form 2 visited the National Gallery to learn about landscapes and Impressionism. They enjoyed a wonderful workshop which taught them about the materials and techniques used by the artists whose works are on display. The children were particularly fond of Vincent van Gogh’s painting ‘The Sunflowers’ and let out an audible gasp when they first caught sight of the painting.

Form 4 Performance of Lotte's War

This week the children in Form 4 watched a performance of ‘Lotte’s War’, by local Chiswick resident Mrs Lotte Moore, which tells the story of her experiences as an evacuee in WWII. The play shows what children did, how they survived rationing, how they coped as evacuees, and what they felt about the war. Some children felt inspired to read the book of the same title which includes Lotte’s memories of rationing, evacuation, barrage balloons, bombing, blackouts and bunkers and gives an incredible insight into life during wartime Britain.

Charity 'Love in a Box''

This week every child brought home a leaflet giving details of the ‘Love in a Box’ scheme. Parents should note that £4.00 (in the form of coins or a cheque made out to Mustard Seed Relief Missions), to cover costs, should be put in the envelope and attached to the top of the box using an elastic band. The collection will take place at 16 Newton Grove and 2 Rupert Road early next Wednesday, 20 November. Boxes should be brought in on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Tate Britain “Steve McQueen Year 3” project

Earlier this year the children currently in Form 4 were photographed for the Tate’s Steve McQueen Year 3 project: Tate Britain “Steve McQueen Year 3” project The project is being run in association with the Oscar-winning film-maker and artist Steve McQueen who was inspired to create a mass portrait of every one of London’s Year 3 pupils. Next term the children in Form 4 will be visiting the exhibition at Tate Britain. The exhibition is now open to the public and everyone is welcome to visit and see if they can find the two photos of the OHS Form 3 classes which are located in Section 1 of the exhibition.

Science Day – Wednesday 11 March

Next term the school will be holding a Science Day on Wednesday 11 March. The children will be encouraged to develop cross-curricular links between science and other subjects, as well as participating in a number of scientific activities.

We would very much like to know if any parents who have a scientific background would be interested in collaborating or participating on this day. This might involve talking about a scientific topic of interest, or conducting a small science experiment with the children, or giving a personal account of what inspired you to become a scientist. This day is to celebrate how exciting science is and to paint a picture of what science can lead to in this modern world.

If any parents would like to participate in any way on this day, we would very much appreciate your help. Please contact the school office if you would be interested.

If you are not able to participate on Science Day but are interested in helping to inspire the children to become scientists by sharing your knowledge, we would be very appreciative.

PE kit

Please may we remind parents that children should bring their complete sports kit to school on the days games is on the timetable, including mouth guards and shin pads. The office staff frequently receive requests to call parents from children who have forgotten mouth guards, shin pads, water bottles, PE socks or an item of PE kit. All items must be clearly named.

Lost property

Please login for details of items of lost property.

Please may we remind parents that all items of uniform should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.


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M V Edwards 30 November 2019