Orchard Weekly
News from Form 6

In science Form 6 are learning about microorganisms. Some of the children have made bread to show how some microorganisms can be useful! Whilst others have been experimenting with how fats are broken down by soap, just like the fatty coating of a virus is broken down when we wash our hands with soap.

News from Form 1

The children in Form 1 have been continuing to practise their handwriting and have been learning about multiplication and sharing in maths. They have also continued to show their creative side with some wonderful arts and crafts, including a post box, taxi and an igloo made of papier mâché and cotton pads inspired by alternative story line to three little pigs.

News from Lower 1

The children in Lower 1 are learning about tens and units in maths and have been very creative in art lessons doing dot painting using their fingertips.

News from the Den

This week the children in the Den discussed their favourite story books, before creating their very own little books. There are some fantastic authors and illustrators! Miss Brown was so inspired by one of the children’s book ‘reviews’ she bought the book online that day to enjoy in the classroom!

Music Recitals at home

Miss Curran has been thrilled to receive recording of pieces which the children have been working on in their weekly individual music lessons. Clink on the links to see the following performances:

‘What shall we do with the drunken soldier’ by Denise (thanks to Miss Richards)

‘Butterfly’ by Andina, Benedict, Preyashi, Charlie and Emily (and huge thanks to Miss Ashby)

Guitar piece by Oliver (thanks to Mr Behrens)

‘Conkers’ by Harry (thanks to Miss Ashby)

Piano piece by Neel

‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ by Benedict (thanks to Mr Behrens)

‘Donkey Riding’ by Josephine (thanks to Miss Ambrose Evans)

Please do share a clip of your performance of a piece you have been working on with your teacher.

Chiswick Book Festival Young People’s Poetry Competition 2020

This year marks the 10th anniversary of this poetry competition, which encourages young people to enjoy creating their own poems and entries to this year’s competition are now open. Entry is free and open to children aged between 8-12 years. Young people are invited to write a poem at home, or at school, about whatever appeals to them. Poems can be on any topic area : the only stipulations are that each poem should be the child’s own work (with no parental help) and is limited to a maximum of 25 lines.

All entries must be submitted by email only, and should include the following information:.

All entries must include the correct entry form (individual) available on the website.

Ensure you include the following information on your entry (not on the front of the poem):  writer’s name, year group, poem title and school. Full rules are available on the website too.

The deadline for entries is Monday 8 June 2020. Entries should be email to children@chiswickbookfestival.net

Full details, rules, entry forms and selected 2019 winning poems available on the Chiswick Book Festival website.

The judging team looks forward to reading your poems.

Mrs Edwards's half term challenge

Over half term I would like to give everyone a challenge, which I am setting with the help of Hector, my 13 year old dog who is blind.

In this afternoon’s assembly, you will have seen how Hector, through determination and ‘stickability’, has relearned his favourite tricks which he used to be able to perform when he was fully sighted (except for twirling on his hind legs, but his balance is not quite what it was).

In the assembly (which can be seen again here) I set you the challenge of teaching your pet a new trick, and if you do not have a pet, teaching yourself a new trick.

Please send your video (no more than 10 seconds please) of your pet, or you, performing the trick, or failing that, just a lovely film or photo of your pet. All videos to be sent to info@orchardhs.org.uk to be received by Monday 1 June.

I can’t wait to see how you get on with your challenge. Good luck!

Half term

I continue to enjoy hearing your news and seeing your photos of what you have been doing at home, which this week have included helping your brothers and sisters with their work, helping your parents with your new baby brother, searching for lost cats, learning to skateboard, celebrating birthdays and doing lots of cooking! I hope you all have a relaxing half term holiday.

Art The Big Art world record breaking art class

Thank you to everyone who has sent it the pictures which they have created as part of the attempt by children’s author and illustrator Rob Biddulph to create the world’s largest online art lesson. The challenge saw Biddulph teach participants to draw a blue whale. He hoped to get 10,000 children all over the world doing an art class together but in reality there were over 45,000!

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M V Edwards 22 May 2020